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Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence

Benefits of Blockchain Technology with Artificial Intelligence Integration

Since time immemorial, humans have continued to break new grounds with the creation of new technological innovations, and over time these technologies have evolved into something better, in most cases than its predecessors. There is no doubt about the continuity in the search for new ways to make our lives much better with the aid of these innovative technologies. One technological innovation that has left its mark and is performing better than anyone envisaged, is the internet, which has, in turn, served as an underlying technology for the creation of technological innovations such as the blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

One thing we are certain about is that the creation of both the blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) is bound to create disruptions in different systems, and thus bring about positive change, which will, in turn, give us a better future with technologies. These two technologies have complex structures; hence, developers are yet to ascertain their full capabilities, as every day new use cases for both technologies are discovered. However, it is clear that the combination of both technologies will create diverse opportunities that will not only enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity but also pave the way for the creation of more advanced innovative technologies.

The blockchain technology is the underlying technology for cryptocurrency applications. It is a distributed ledger which was recently discovered to possess excellent qualities for the development of distributed and decentralized applications suitable for use in any industry and business sector. The use of blockchain is causing disruptions in the financial industry, as it changes the way transactions are carried out, in that it eliminates the need for the 3rd party for verification and validation of transaction information. Furthermore, the blockchain technology comes with features like enhanced security with its high-level cryptography, decentralization, quick cross-border transaction, scalability, transparency, and anonymity, among other features.

Artificial intelligence is something researchers have always wanted to achieve since the 1950s, and recently, with the improvement in the use of algorithms, deep learning and machine learning have become more practical and cost-effective. These AI methods (deep learning and machine learning) have contributed their quota in boosting AI’s profile, such that it is now possible to develop applications that are applicable in the real world, with deep learning and machine learning structures.

Benefits of Combination of the Blockchain Technology with AI

Improvement in Transparency of AI-based Applications

The data from AI algorithms build neural networks, and applications created with AI use these neural networks for the generation of possible results, however, these neural networks or decision trees are usually not understandable by humans, thus not being able to explain or know how an AI-based application arrives at a decision reduces the trustworthiness of the decision-making process.

Blockchain technology, which has transparency as a feature, can be used to enhance the transparency of AI-powered applications, because blockchain, which is a distributed ledger technology, can be used to record every critical decision made by the AI application, thus, it makes it easier to understand the data outcome generating process of the AI-based applications, hence, transparency is enhanced and trust is implemented.

Furthermore, the near future will witness the mainstream use of AI-based tools and applications for legal, tax and financial transactions, and there will be the need of an audit trail to ensure that the right decisions are made by the tools/applications.

Enhanced Security

The blockchain technology comes with an immutability feature, and thus makes it possible for blockchain networks to provide data sources that are trustworthy for AI-powered applications. The health industry, for instance, usually has tons of information on their patients/clients, and when transactions take place, there is the high probability of hackers getting their hands on data required to hack into the network. With the blockchain technology, it is easy to implement an identity management system to check any security lapses and to enhance the security further, AI can be added to the applications for authentication, confirmation, and validation of access requests.

The blockchain technology uses high-level cryptography for encryption processes, which makes it very difficult for hackers to get access to users’ data for manipulation and alteration. While the blockchain technology is a secure one, blockchain-based applications are still susceptible to attacks from cybercriminals, due to the fact that these applications have financial data as part of their functionality; examples of such attacks include the attacks on Bitfinex, Mt. Gox, and the DAO in times past. A combination of the blockchain technology with artificial intelligence can stop breaches, via AI’s deep learning and machine learning abilities, possible threats can be recognized, and systems put in place to better protect the platforms/applications.

Increased Efficiency

While using the blockchain technology for various purposes is a welcome development, it is good to note that the technology is one that requires a lot of power, which is responsible for the high electricity bills when operating blockchain hardware used for the validation and sharing of transactions taking place on the blockchain. A lot of power and resources is wasted when trying to verify transactions by several miners at the same time. With the help of AI, it is possible to bring some optimization to the process and thus facilitate the decrease in mining costs.

Another problem facing the blockchain technology is how it deals with data size. Every activity that takes place on the blockchain network gets recorded from the start of the process, and it keeps building on that chain, which translates to more data and the need for more storage. This problem can, however, be solved with the introduction of AI because it can assist the blockchain in making better decisions with maintenance and data storage because AI can offer more efficient data sharding solutions.

Another aspect of the blockchain technology where efficiency can be increased is in the use of smart contracts, and a lot of blockchain-based applications need these smart contracts for the execution of transactions and recording of outcomes, AI can be applied to smart contracts for to its creation and also for enhanced verification.


The fourth industrial revolution is fast gathering speed, and a number of key technological advancements are set to determine the rhythm and pace of the next generation of human life on our dear planet. The blockchain technology is a crucial part of what will bring accountability, transparency, and safety for these emerging technologies, while AI is safe to say will be given control of so many aspects of the modern living as it becomes more sophisticated. There is no doubt that a combination of both technologies is a move in the right direction if we really want to achieve the best from both.

Spend Bitcoin

Where Can You Spend Bitcoin?

An Official Guide To Where You Can Spend Your Hard-Earned Bitcoins

People are thinking and writing about bitcoin less frequently as a currency these days, and more as a commodity. It’s true that with a value now consistently in the thousands of dollars, bitcoin can be somewhat unwieldy as an everyday currency. Its most interesting potential may now be as a long-term investment. Despite this evolution in thinking, however, bitcoin is still a functional digital currency, and there are opportunities to spend it if you know where to look.

For simple everyday purchases, and for in-person retail opportunities, you can actually run a search and find out how to buy just about anything you might want or need via cryptocurrency. This can be a useful tool, or even just a fun exercise if you happen to harbor an interest in bitcoin’s development and usefulness. For the purposes of this article, however, we’ll be looking a tad more broadly, not at specific stores or websites but at some of the larger industries and areas in which you can spend bitcoin.

Gift & Spending Cards

One of the most interesting options that have emerged as a consistent means of spending bitcoin is buying gift cards and cash cards (which are effectively debit cards). Sites like eGifter and Paxful allow people to purchase gift cards to any number of stores that don’t accept bitcoin directly, and there are various ways to secure a sort of spending card that effectively translates your bitcoin back into ordinary currency when you wish to spend it. This is perhaps not the most progressive avenue for bitcoin spending in that it doesn’t necessarily further bitcoin’s spread to new merchants, websites, etc. However, it’s a very convenient way for people with bitcoin holdings to put their cryptocurrency to use, and it can also eliminate the step of plugging in regular credit card information online, which a lot of bitcoin users are looking to avoid.

Travel Booking

The idea of spending bitcoin to book travel is a little bit in flux because some major sites (like Expedia) have been sort of in and out on bitcoin. However, there is still a nice list of travel agencies that accept bitcoin, which makes it fairly easy for those who are interested to organize and pay for travel via cryptocurrency. It’s nice to have universal costs associated with travel booking given the otherwise complex issue of exchange rates, and some also simply appreciate having the ability to use a secure digital currency when dealing with what can often be fairly hefty prices involved with travel. To date, this has been one of the most consistent ways to spend bitcoin online.

Online Gaming & Betting

What we’re talking about here is effectively online casinos and sportsbooks. Already, there are several casino gaming platforms across the internet that have welcomed bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as new payment methods. In other cases, new online casinos have been built from scratch to support cryptocurrency payments, and in some cases even to introduce new games revolving around bitcoin. The betting side of casino culture is less closely tied to bitcoin for the time being but is certainly a natural next step. And this seems particularly worthwhile to mention giving the massive, impending expansion of online betting as a global business. Sports betting has been made legal in the U.S., and with states now working to implement it, some analyses suggest the U.S. could have the world’s biggest market by 2023. By that time, should betting platforms and more casinos be accepting bitcoin, this could be the single biggest avenue for spending cryptocurrency.

Mainstream Retail

To suggest bitcoin can be spent on mainstream retail is somewhat vague, but not inaccurate. While we’re still waiting on the granddaddy of all online retailers, Amazon, to incorporate cryptocurrency (and it’s a possibility), there are plenty of very busy product selling sites that have welcomed bitcoin. Shopify, Newegg, and Overstock are among the bigger names, and in some cases you can also find more specialty retail locations that are also taking bitcoin. The point here is not to guide you to specific sites however, but rather to remind you that if you’re looking to buy a given product online and you’d like to use bitcoin, it’s worthwhile to do a little bit of searching around to see if there’s a particular store that can suit your needs.

Cover Graphic for Why Bitcoin Is Valuable And Will Be Part Of Your Future

Why Bitcoin Is Valuable And Will Be Part Of Your Future

Is Bitcoin A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity?

With the recent success of cryptocurrency, more and more people are looking for ways to start investing. And for a good reason too. As crypto and Bitcoin, in particular, begins to prove its power, there is a higher possibility that someday traditional currency will be replaced entirely.

And the fact that Bitcoin had gone from around $1000 to $15000 in one year alone shows how much faith people have in crypto.

As such, it is essential for newcomers to do research and start investing early on because it will definitely be part of your future.

The following are a few reasons why crypto will become more and more popular. Make sure you learn how you can start investing before its too late.

Privacy and Security

Unlike traditional currency, crypto is completely decentralized similar to gold. This means that it is not controlled by a single person or government, but is instead regulated by the market.

Some of the best cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin ensure that the value of Bitcoin is determined by the people; this makes cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, and Litecoin so popular.

Also, cryptocurrency is almost impossible to counterfeit, meaning that the value of cryptocurrency is not negatively impacted by fake currency in the market.  

Transactions are also extremely secure and anonymous, meaning you can buy and sell things without worrying that someone is watching you. These transactions can take anywhere from a couple of seconds to a few minutes.

How to Start Investing in Bitcoin and Litecoin

More traditional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin can be traded on any of the major cryptocurrency trading platforms. Coinbase and GDAX are the most popular crypto trading platforms, however.

Though both platforms are run by the same entity, they are quite different from each other.

Coinbase is perfect for beginners as the interface is extremely easy to understand. Through Coinbase you can purchase four major cryptocurrencies, view charts regarding their price trends, and create “wallets” that allow you to store and send cryptocurrencies.

GDAX, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated regarding usability but offers much more in-depth information. GDAX also has lower fees associated with selling and buying cryptocurrencies. So if you’re someone who is familiar with trading, GDAX is probably the better site for you.

How to Start Investing in Other Cryptocurrencies

Though Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be started all the way in 2009, there have been many alternative cryptocurrencies that have been made. People have created alternative coins, such as Ripple and Skycoin to correct issues with Bitcoin.

Skycoin, touted as a top cryptocurrency to invest in, offers faster transactions speeds, is even more secure than Bitcoin, offers greater privacy, and is one of the emerging coins that are predicted to succeed in 2018. On top of this, Skycoin and other altcoins have a lower price point than Bitcoin, making them great investments to get in on early.

These altcoins cannot be traded on Coinbase but can be bought and sold on other crypto trading platforms. Right now, Cryptopia is one of the most popular trading platforms for these alternative cryptocurrencies. If you are in the United Arab Emirates, which is a cryptocurrency-friendly jurisdiction, this guide on buying bitcoins in Dubai will come in handy.

Other Ways of Getting Cryptocurrency

If you’ve heard about cryptocurrency, you probably heard about “mining.” This is a method for people to get “free” cryptocurrency in exchange for the time and energy they put into verifying cryptocurrency transactions.

The way this works is that each transaction of a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin has a virtual record. This record of a single transaction is called a block. Blocks are then added to a chain of past transaction to create a blockchain.

To verify all of this transaction, users solve complex algorithms by using mining rigs. Usually, mining rigs take a lot of energy and verifying transactions takes a lot of time. Because of this, individuals that successfully verify a transaction are awarded a certain number of Bitcoins.

The problem with this method is that only a massive group of people working together with expensive equipment can properly mine cryptocurrency.

This method is therefore difficult for the average, everyday trader. So for you, it’s best to buy and sell crypto on any of the significant cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrency is definitely the future. More and more people want a decentralized form of currency that is anonymous, safe, and fast.

And with the increasing price of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, many more people are starting to believe in the power that crypto will have on our financial future. Technology companies like USI-Tech, Genesis Mining, and BitConnect are already enabling everyday crypto investors the unique ability to get started with Bitcoin through simple software.

So should you start investing? Of course. But always be reasonable with how much money you’re willing to put in. Though crypto is exciting, the price can change very quickly. Investing in crypto, therefore, requires a bit of patience, knowledge, and strong will.

Additionally, if you want to learn about investing your 401k or retirement plan into a cryptocurrency portfolio that can grow immensely over the next 10-20 years then read our free Bitcoin IRA guide or start a crypto account.

USITech Review of the Bitcoin Trading Platform cover graphic

USI Tech Review

A Comprehensive Inside Look At The Automated Bitcoin Trading System

You may have heard about USI Tech as a holiday story from a relative during Christmas, in a passing conversation at a networking event or even from a fellow friend. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn more about USI-Tech, this comprehensive guide will provide you with a snapshot overview of the company, how it works, how much you can earn and an honest opinion from someone who has personally invested thousands of dollars into the USI Tech passive income system. One can really earn a lot of Bitcoin using the USI Tech system, but first, you need to understand the fundamentals of how it works and why compound interest is so powerful.

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What Is USI Tech?

USI Tech LogoWith over 20 years of experience and 100 iterations of their unique Forex trading software to date, USI-Tech has been a technology company that specialized for many years in the development of automated trading software.

Today, USI Tech is a robust trading platform that gives package holders leverage of return on capital software built by experts and decades of experience. In addition to a team of talented crypto, forex, equities and commodities traders, the company boasts a unique mining operation with investments in ASIC, GPU and CPU mining. They are headquartered in Dubai.

Bitcoin and forex markets have the highest capital turnover rate in the world and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Compared to stock and financial markets this bears a huge advantage for both investors and traders.

As an investor, you have complete control over the entire operation. USI Tech provides you with a unique and highly complex system built with algorithms optimal for minimizing risk and increasing your chances of profiting.

USI Tech has been in business since 2009 and carries an international financial services license. The founders include Horst Jicha (Founder), Mike Kiefer (Co-Founder) and Ralph Gold (Co-Owner).

How Big Is USI Tech Cryptocurrency Mining?

  • 1% of global Bitcoin mining hashrate + Bitcoin USI-Tech branded pool
  • 2.5% of global Ethereum mining hashrate + Ethereum branded pool
  • A $70 million investment in mining hardware secures cash flow for the future
  • With a $10 million monthly investment in new mining hardware
  • USI-Tech will be the global leader in mining

usi tech compensation plan details

USI Tech is the fastest growing automated bitcoin multiplier investing opportunity in 2018 & beyond. With future opportunities from leasing patented technologies, the intention is to make USI Tech a world leader in technology ensured sustainability. Check out the USI Tech global platform here.

How It Works

The business model for USI-Tech consists of our money multiplied by mining, trading & arbitrage techniques. The company is also investing in cash ATM Machines to simplify the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency around the world. The ATM machines will be USI Tech branded and generate advertising revenue for independent promoters.

  • They DO NOT “invest”
  • They DO NOT earn interest
  • They leverage CAPITAL with USI Products
  • They simply multiply that CAPITAL for a return of CAPITAL on each package

The back office of USI Tech is nicely organized and colorful enough to stay interested. The Dashboard Home helps the user stay up to date on news & updates along with their current Active BTC Packages, Balance, Commissions, Tokens, and miscellaneous user information.

USI Tech Backoffice

What Is And How To Buy A USI Tech Package

The cornerstone USI Tech Package costs 50 Euros and gives you access to the aforementioned mining, forex, arbitrage, ATM machine, and leasing patent technology profits. You receive 140% of your return on investment after a period of about 112-186 business days at a daily rate ranging between .75% to 1.25% beginning from the inception of the program.

Since USI-Tech is a European company headquartered in Dubai, the back-office system will conveniently convert your Bitcoins (BTC) into your local fiat currency upon checkout. For example, with current exchange rates here in the United States, a package costs approximately 60 ($).

Inside your Dashboard Home simply go to the Package Options tab on the left menu and click Place Order. Here you can see the current price in BTC for one USI Tech Package which costs (€50), along with Package Runtime, Return on Capital and Daily Payout information. You may view extra products details or read help however by this point you should already know what is inside of a BTC Package so go ahead and click on Purchase.

USI Tech Place Order

On the BTC Package Checkout screen choose the number of packages you would like to purchase. You can not purchase fractions of a package, however, you can always purchase more anytime.

After you have entered the number of packages you want, checkmark “I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions.” You can choose to purchase either with an existing BTC wallet address or with Payza, which will incur an additional 5% fee.

USI Tech BTC Package Order

USI Tech simplifies the process of purchasing packages with BTC by displaying a QR code for you to scan. For ease of purchase, use a bitcoin-specific wallet such as Coinbase or Bread Wallet and either copy/paste the transaction address or scan the QR code to purchase your USI Tech bitcoin package.

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USI Tech BTC Package Purchase

BONUS: Strategies for Investing in USI Tech Rebuy Packages

100% is the best option for maximizing your investment with USI Tech and rebuy packages. If you are serious about growing your stock BTC and compounding it with new packages then 100% will take you all the way in for the long stretch.

Daily compounding starts at around 100-150 BTC packages which means you will be able to buy at least ONE NEW package per day from your passive earnings at this point.

We recommend formulating a withdraw strategy at around the point of 200 packages invested. Implementing an 80/20 growth strategy will enable you to start collecting a cool income from your base and still grow the amount of BTC you have every day.

If you are considering slowing down on your investment and withdrawing some of your returns simply use a 50/50, 30/70 or even 0% rebuy on your USI Tech packages.

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How You Earn Capital On Your BTC

  • Daily payment of the return of capital (5 days a week)
  • Daily withdrawals of returns and commissions
  • Commissions and returns can be immediately used to purchase new BTC packages
  • This results in a highly profitable compounding effect
  • Albert Einstein once said “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.”

BONUS: Check out your Passive Earning Potential here.

Compound Interest In A Nutshell

A prime example of compound interest at work is in our home mortgages. A 30-year mortgage allows a home purchaser to afford and accept the idea of paying interest on top of monthly loan repayments. Over the lifetime of a 30-year mortgage, you end up paying more for the house than if you had paid in cash, even if mortgage interest payments are tax deductible. In short, if you are purchasing a home make sure you first have sufficient cash reserves to put down as a deposit on the new home to pay off most (preferably all) of the purchase price.

Imagine this compound interest effect working in your favor as opposed to against your money. Having a large stock (100+) of USI Tech packages with settings at 100% automatic rebuy percentage would enable you to purchase a package or two per day. Nothing is guaranteed, however, the team at USI-Tech seems to have built a well-fortified product portfolio of cryptocurrency investments that carry seemingly low to moderate risk. Anything can happen within cryptocurrencies and altcoins, however, if you believe in the blockchain and Bitcoin for what it is – a first mover, store of value, anonymous, fungible, low fees – then USI Tech is worth seriously taking a good, hard look at.

Affiliate Program

USI Tech also has an affiliate program which could be the boost needed to decide to partner with them and make it a hefty and worthwhile investment. Attracting loyal and consistent referrals can be difficult if you don’t have the right system down or a load of salesmanship. Though if you are able to build a large network of reliable USI Tech investors then you can literally earn Bitcoin on autopilot and make it a full-time passive income cash flow. A successfully enrolled affiliate is one who has purchased 12 packages or more. The commission plan works as follows:

  • Level 1 – You earn 10% of Package Price
  • Level 2-8 – You earn 3% of Package Price
  • Level 9-12 – You earn 1% of Package Price

One can even multiply their affiliate earnings by purchasing Token Package upgrades.

USI Tech

Main Website: USI Tech –

Amazing Rewards

The company boasts a great support system and holds training & conferences across the major global metropolitan cities. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has different laws and regulations depending on which country you are in, but rest assured there is a myriad of USI Tech investors from all around the world as the most successful affiliates are certainly aware of. The founders, co-founders, and network generals send weekly, sometimes daily emails on research, updates, brand information, package upgrades and deals.

So what are you waiting for…? How would it feel to make a nice return on your investment in bitcoins (BTC) for 140 days and then some? Every day is a day you could be investing; don’t hesitate any longer.

If you are willing to spend 140 days away from your BTC and stay patient the fruit will be worth the seed. Results are not guaranteed but by placing your trust with USI Tech the potential for amazing returns thanks to the immense power of compounding is certainly there. Activate your USI account Now (It’s Free).

See you on the inside!