As a new kid on the block, cryptocurrency marketing strategies have become a necessity to ensure growth and increased profitability.

In the last few years, the popularity of cryptocurrency has grown by leaps and bounds. Thousands of crypto businesses have appeared to meet the growing demands of investors and others. With regulations looming and crypto advertising highly confining, a cutting edge crypto marketing strategy has become a must-have.

If you have launched a crypto startup, then you’ll need to spring ahead of the competition while increasing your brand awareness using a strategic and effective framework.

In this article, we delve into the realm of crypto marketing strategies, exploring the tactics and techniques that can help blockchain-based ventures succeed. From community engagement and influencer marketing to content creation and social media strategies, we unravel the keys to effectively promoting crypto projects in a competitive and ever-changing market.

Crypto Marketing Strategies Face a Rocky Road

At this time, cryptocurrency advertisements remain somewhat restricted. Regulators have started to focus on guideline initiatives. As the month of January 2022 progressed the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Spain both started to crackdown on crypto ads.

Many forecast that as the year goes on, crypto startups are going to see a serious crackdown on crypto ads. At this time, no one knows about the potential ramifications and things remain speculative.

Currently, you can still use mainstream advertising platforms to promote your crypto, but regulators could still find fault with the ads and start targeting them at any time. With the potential for strong handed regulations on the horizon, you might want to think outside the box with your crypto marketing strategy.

11 Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies

In this guide, we will look at crypto marketing strategies to help define your organization’s long-term goals and effectively market your brand.

1. Design an Easy-to-Use Website

People are notorious for losing interest in a website quickly if it’s difficult, cluttered, or time consuming to navigate. Designing an easy-to-use, well-defined website that is rich in SEO will put you on your way toward marketing success. The site helps generate trustworthiness in visitors so that they will want to collaborate with your organization.

SEO remains a low-cost, effective way to increase brand awareness while attracting customers to your crypto site. You’ll want to ensure your website has not only undergone SEO but is also mobile friendly because a majority of users now use a mobile device to browse and access sites.

2. Email Marketing

There is a lot of hype around email marketing, and you might wonder if it’s truly an effective use of your efforts. Email marketing is highly effective. Studies have shown that for every $1 invested in email marketing, you’ll earn approximately $32 in return.

HubSpot remains a go-to for email marketing due to its comprehensive tools. Also, unlike MailChimp, HubSpot does not ban crypto advertisers. They offer access to an abundance of templates, which let you track CTRs, open rates, and more.

Emails have proven six times more effective than tweets and forty times more effective for attracting new clients than social media.

3. Utilize LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides the opportunity to connect with a variety of professionals from many backgrounds, domains, and industries across the globe.

Use Sales Navigator (a LinkedIn product) to generate leads so you can better find and engage your target audience. On LinkedIn, you’ll find a variety of resolute blockchain and cryptocurrency groups where you can further publicize your organization.

4. Explore A Bounty Campaigns

Thousands of crypto currency businesses have sprung up in recent years and competition has become stiff. If you are launching a crypto startup, then you need to gain traction to pull yourself ahead of the crowd and stand out.

With a bounty campaign, contributors launch promotional actions for a project with the understanding that they will receive a percentage of the tokens. You’ll gain an advantage by advertising low-cost crypto currency.

5. Airdrops

An airdrop marketing campaign sends tokens or money to wallet addresses to spread awareness of the virtual currency. Lesser amounts of virtual currency are given away for free in exchange for the receiver sharing a social media post. Airdrops provide an uncomplicated way to advertise your new currency.

6. Old Fashioned Press Release

Drafting a press release is a relatively simple task but a great cryptocurrency marketing strategy. Think about the details you want to include in the press release that you feel potential customers will find important. Remember, you want to provide helpful and informative information.

Our site could be an excellent resource for your press release or news article. Feel free to reach out using our contact form for any inquiries that you may have for us.

7. Social Media Marketing

Reddit Logo
Reddit is a popular social network that offers virality for your marketing efforts

Social media marketing offers one of the best ways to build your organization’s brand voice. Using social media networks, you can monitor the activity of purchases and customers to gain a better understanding of your real target demographic. You’ll have the opportunity to see their likes, dislikes, and interests so you can develop a firm digital marketing strategy for your cryptocurrency business.

Using social media, you can leverage the dedication of your followers to function as ambassadors for your crypto business. They effectively share your content, create updated content about the crypto business, recruit new followers/users, share/post videos and post memes to spread the word.

Best social media marketing options for crypto currency include:

  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Steemit
  • Instagram
  • BitcoinTalk
  • Clubhouse
  • TikTok
  • Reddit

8. Using Influencer Marketing

Crypto influencers have the ability to profoundly influence the value of your organization’s cryptocurrency simply by issuing a recommendation. Customers often make a purchase of crypto based solely off the advice of a trusted influencer issued via media advertising. An influencer can cultivate organic growth, engagement, and greater opportunity. You can use influencers to truly increase community interests and promote your company’s profile within the industry.

9. Telegram

Anyone in the crypto community knows that Telegram has sprung to the forefront as a way to effectively reach a wider audience with your crypto currency marketing plan.

The main benefits of Telegram include:

  • Permits crypto ads (unlike most social media platforms)
  • Traders enjoy end-to-end encryption for security and anonymity

10. Discord

The audience of Discord has increased to over 140 million and its wildly popular in the gaming world due to its creation capabilities and dedicated private servers. Cryptocurrency, gaming and NFTs (non-fungible token) continue to go hand-in-hand which makes Discord a great platform for any crypto marketing strategy.

11. Coinzilla

Coinzilla has focused on building an impressive network of websites fixated on cryptocurrency that effectively generate around 1 billion impressions every month. The platform features an efficient campaign dashboard where you can effortlessly set up ads. You can also use the assistance of account managers who will provide custom HTML banners.


As we conclude our exploration of crypto marketing strategies, we recognize the importance of tailored approaches in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies. Successful marketing in the crypto space requires a deep understanding of the unique challenges, opportunities, and target audience within the blockchain industry. By leveraging community engagement, influencer partnerships, content creation, and social media tactics, businesses and projects can maximize their reach and impact. However, it is essential to stay adaptable and continually experiment with new strategies as the crypto landscape evolves.

Working with a crypto marketing agency is the best way to ensure efforts are aligned with scalable best practices. You’ll need to adapt your organization’s crypto marketing strategy to include a variety of resources, platforms, social media, and other sources relevant to the crypto community to reach the audience you seek and remain highly competitive.