In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, new contenders constantly emerge, promising innovative solutions and potential growth. Identifying promising projects among the vast sea of digital assets is a daunting task.

Cryptocurrency began as a chaotic investment method and had large associations with sketchy behavior. However, over the last decade, cryptocurrency has become a staple in the investing world, with large banks and mainstream corporations taking the currency seriously. If you know anything about the crypto market, you will understand the volatility, which means its worth fluctuates quickly. With this in mind, we take a look at the coins we predict will blow up in 2022.

In this article, we present five cryptocurrencies that deserve your attention. From established names to rising stars, these digital currencies showcase unique features, technological advancements, and strong market potential. Whether you’re an investor seeking opportunities or simply curious about the latest developments in the crypto space, this guide will shed light on projects that could shape the future of decentralized finance.

Cryptocurrencies That Could Rise In The Future


Ethereum (ETH), more commonly known as ether, is the second-largest cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin. In 2021, the Ethereum network had a huge update that scaled back the availability of the coin (currently 120.33 billion), which allowed transaction quantity per second to go up considerably. The overall value of Ethereum isn’t in the coin’s worth, it’s in the practicalities and features, which include being the scaffold for decentralized finance.

The worth of ether dropped during the beginning of the year but followed the larger industry trend and is now rising slowly. According to NextAdvisor, Ethereum could rise in value by more than 400% in 2022. If you want to monitor the crypto landscape and invest in Ethereum, you should check out Cryptology and trust them with your trading habits.

Binance Coin

When it comes to sheer volume, the Binance (BNB) trading exchange sees the largest numbers, but it has come under heavy scrutiny in regards to non-compliance with financial regulations. That being said, the price of BNB increased dramatically in 2021, and predictions are in favor of the controversial coin keeping to its pattern of rising through 2022.


Decentraland (MANA) is a decentralized game that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. Inside the game, their native coin MANA can be used to purchase services and goods, which includes visiting fellow players and acquiring land. When it comes to market capitalization, MANA has the highest price and is the largest coin attached to a decentralized game.


Tether (USDT) is designed as a stablecoin, which offers less volatility than bitcoin and other altcoins. The reason why Tether can boast stability is that it has tangible world value, in that it relates to the US dollar. This coin is usually on a 1-1 par with the US dollar, and when that drops, it drops. However, when you take into account the wide acceptance and real-world value, it’s safe to say that Tether will likely exceed the US dollar in value.


Algorand (ALGO) was founded by Silvio Micali, who is a credible computer scientist dedicated to competing with the Ethereum blockchain. There are countless businesses already using the Algorand, and El Salvador has recently accepted Bitcoin as legal tender and uses the Algorand infrastructure. This move will likely prompt other countries to make the move and could see ALGO rise in value throughout 2022.


Cryptocurrency is relatively new and is only just being adopted by the mainstream, which has led to more coins emerging than ever before. In 2022, the coins listed above are estimated to see exponential growth.

As we conclude our exploration of the five cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on, we recognize the dynamic nature of the crypto market and the potential these projects hold. Each of the highlighted cryptocurrencies showcases unique features and promising growth prospects, making them worthy of attention from investors and enthusiasts alike. It’s important to note that the crypto landscape is constantly evolving, and thorough research is essential before making any investment decisions. By staying informed and monitoring the progress of these projects, you can position yourself to seize opportunities in the ever-changing world of digital assets.