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    Asset tokenization offering, as the name indicates, is the offering of asset tokens. These tokens indicate partial ownership in a tangible asset. Asset tokens are tokens that are pegged against physical, real-world assets.

    Tokens are offered through Asset Tokenized Offerings, a variant of a crowdfunding event in which the digital tokens that are included in the offering are categorized as securities.

    Asset tokenization is generating increasing buzz on how to move conventional assets onto a blockchain setting. This shift into blockchain through the process of tokenization provides a host of benefits.

    Tokenization enables fractional ownership of assets
    It opens up investment avenues for smaller scale investors and for investors looking to diversify in a low-risk way
    It enables liquidity of assets, particularly problematic in the real estate industry

    These benefits have led industry analysts to bank on asset tokenization as the investment vehicle of the future. Investing is expected to never be the same again.

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