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    AvatarJeffrey Ito

    Before you store, secure and insure your Bitcoin Investment, you will need to know how to purchase it from a reliable cryptocurrency exchange.

    There are 2 types of exchanges:

    1. Trading Platforms

    2. Direct Trading Platforms

    A trading platform makes it simple to connect with individual sellers while purchases made on a direct trading platform are directly from a company wallet.

    By and far, the best trading platform is LocalBitcoins, a person-to-person bitcoin trading platform with over 1,000,000 registered users. Here you have just about every payment method at your disposal including cash. This is one of my favorite methods for acquiring Bitcoins on the same day.

    As for direct trading platforms, you have near limitless options. A real-time exchange makes it simple for users to view prices and perform instant transactions. An exchange will store your personal information as well as your credit card and payment data to help make purchasing easier for you.

    Our top recommendation is Paxful (See our full review here).

    Here Are A Few Factors To Look Out For Before Joining An Exchange

    – Reputation

    – Fees

    – Payment Methods

    – Verification Requirements

    – Geographical Restrictions

    – Exchange Rate

    Always remember to do your research before deciding on an exchange and be sure to take a look at the associated fees and payment methods available.


    Why did you decide that Localbitcoin exchange is a leader? For example, looking at the rating of the cryptocurrency exchanges on this site, this exchange is not in the first place.


    there are many services for exchanging currency to and from Crypta

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    AvatarSelina Mary

    You can opt localbitcoins exchange as it is the safest for bitcoin trading.

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