Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Benefits Of Hiring An ICO Marketing Agency For Your ICO

Learn The Advantages Of Hiring An Expert For Your Upcoming Initial Coin Offering

The decentralized market is growing, and the ICO era is rising rapidly. Before we get into the benefits of hiring an ICO marketing agency for your ICO, let’s examine what an ICO is:

An ICO ‘Initial Coin Offering’, is a fundraising method in which new projects sell their underlying crypto tokens in exchange for Bitcoin and Ethereum. The first token sale (also known as an ICO) was held by Mastercoin in July 2013.

To understand this better, let’s start with exploring different phases associated with ICO:

1) Write Your Whitepaper: A white paper is a detailed description and plan of what the project is aiming to accomplish. It is like a company mission statement with details about how their project is going to work.

2) Choose Your Token Type: You should decide the type and purpose of your token. Avoid being too fancy and pick a token symbol that is easy to recall.

3) Set Up Terms and Conditions:

The number of tokens available for distribution
The price of each token
The utility of the token

4) Build a Great Team: A team comes together and proposes an economically viable blockchain project. But, they need to raise money via ICO to make it a reality. So build a great team.

5) Choose the Blockchain Platform for the ICO: It is required that you identify the blockchain platform that will be used to launch the ICO token.

6) Set up Your Website: Set it up professionally with clear navigation buttons & brief instructions for the contributors.

7) Advertise/Market the ICO: The team conducts a series of intense marketing campaigns. Which is called ICO marketing.

Initial Coin Offering

Benefits Of Hiring An ICO Marketing Agency:

To become ICO successful, ICO marketing agency plays an important role. Here are the top benefits you should know these top benefits of hiring an ICO marketing agency:

1) Better Resources and Tools

Instead of doing all the work yourself such as buying all of the tools, subscriptions, and resources, you can enjoy the flexibility of working with a well-stocked agency that will pair your project with the correct tools as required.

2) Saves You Time and Money

When you are running an ICO business, time is one of the most critical resources. And if you are using the time to continue an old process that is not working, you are wasting money and your staff’s energy.

3) Help in Lead Generation

The agency is likely to promote you on their website and anywhere else that their marketing and folio of work appears. This is excellent news for your business as it will bring you extra traffic and new leads.

4) Access to New Skills

Contract the privilege ICO consultancy firm, and you will approach the best aptitudes there is in taking care of extreme business issues. These experts are prepared and experienced in keeping organizations above water regardless of what number of market issues emerge.

In the event that you are additionally hoping to dispatch your own ICO, here Softprodigy, a standout amongst the best ICO showcasing organization can assist you in making your ICO effective. So, rather than you doing all the buying of tools, subscriptions, and resources, you can relax on that front, and we’ll pair your project with the correct tools as required.

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