If you are planning to start mining cryptocurrency on a large scale, then you have got two options. The first option is to use a warehouse to keep all your miners and do the mining process. The second option is to use a mining container. Inovatec mining container overcomes many of the disadvantages of the warehouse mining process. Let us have a look at the different mining containers from Inovatec and their advantages.

Inovatec Mining Container

Features Of Inovatec Mining Containers

The mining containers from Inovatec come with the following features.

1. Water Curtain

When there are many mining machines operating at a time in the same place, it will generate a lot of heat. So, it is essential to remove this excess heat from the environment. Otherwise, it will affect the performance of the mining machines. Water curtains in the Inovatec mining containers will ensure that there is no excess heat inside the container. This water curtain unit will consume around 500 liters of water daily. You have the option to integrate this unit if required.

2. Smart PDU

Inovatec offers two variants of PDU to its customers. There is a basic version as well as a smart variant. It comes with 12 numbers of C19 outputs and three numbers of 63 A inputs. This module is capable of supporting 24 S9 Antminer mining machines or 12 S19 Antminer mining machines. The number of power outlets will vary for each of the models.

3. Fast Plug & Use Design

Another useful feature provided by Inovatec is the fast plug and use design. They can provide ethernet cable inside the container in a routed manner so that you can easily connect your miner machines to the network. This feature will help to reduce your downtime. You can also opt out of this feature if you are not interested.

4. Power Controller Unit

Inovatec Mining Container Inside View

The power control unit in the container controls the power distribution to various mining machines. It is capable of supporting power up to 900 KW. 

5. Negative Pressure Fan

When you operate many mining machines inside a container, there will be a good amount of heat generated inside the container. So, a fan is required to remove this heat. Inovatec has provided negative pressure fans in the mining container to dissipate the heat. It is a 1.1-meter square fan with a rated power of 0.75 KW.

Advantages of Using Inovatec Mining Containers

There are numerous benefits of using mining containers from Inovatec. They are listed below.

1. Certified Mining Containers

The mining containers from Inovatec come with various certifications. It includes CE, CSA, UL, and CCS. If you want the mining container to be CE or UL certified, you need to place the request for the same while placing the order. CE certification is required for containers that get exported to European Union countries.

2. Cost-Effective Solution

Inovatec offers mining container solutions at an affordable price. The lower cost does not mean low-quality material. We use high-quality raw materials for manufacturing the mining containers. It is possible to save at least 70 percent of the manufacturing cost with our solution.

3. Options to Optimize Space Arrangement

Different miner machines come in different shapes and sizes. So, in order to use the container space effectively, you need to have a proper arrangement of the miners inside. Inovatec will help to optimize the arrangement of your miner machines for effective space utilization. It will ensure you can use the maximum number of miners inside the container.

4. Hash Rate Improvement

When it comes to cryptocurrency mining, it is all about the hash rate. The higher the hash rate of the mining process, the more will be your profit. The mining containers from Inovatec help to increase the hash rate by around 20 percent.

5. Helps to Enhance the Lifespan of the Miners

The mining containers from Inovatec will ensure a low working temperature for the mining machines. Thus, there will be less heat generated by the miner machines. So, you can expect an increase in the lifespan of the miner machine by around 200 percent.

6. Short Lead Time

One main advantage of the Inovatec mining container is the short lead time. You can get it very fast. The lead time is only 10 to 15 days.

7. Different Size Options

Inovatec offers mining containers in different sizes. These containers come in 10 feet, 20 feet, and 40 feet. You can choose any according to your mining requirements.

Different Types of Mining Containers Offered by Inovatec 

There are different varieties of mining containers from Inovatec. All these models are given below.

1. 10 Feet Crypto Mining Container

If you are looking for a compact mining container, this one’s for you. It is a 10 feet container and is the smallest model from Inovatec.

2. 20 Feet Crypto Mining Container

The 20 feet crypto mining container is the most popular model from Inovatec. Most customers prefer this size for their mining needs. It comes with various features like Gigabit Ethernet, external power interface, forklift interface, temperature control, protection from overload, etc. 

3. 40 Feet Crypto Mining Container

If your mining requirements are large, then the 40 feet mining container from Inovatec will be the best option. 

4. Foldable Compact Shipping Container

If you are interested in the foldable feature of the mining container, then this one’s for you. 

5. Antbox N5 Mining Container

This N5 mining container is specifically designed for the S19 miner machine. If you are using S19 miner machines, you can go for this container.

6. Water Cooled Mining Container

If you prefer to use the water cooling option to remove the excess heat from the container, you can consider buying the water-cooled miner container from Inovatec.

7. 20 Feet S19 95TH Mining Container 

This model is a 20 feet UL and CE-certified mining container from Inovatec.

You can get Inovatec mining containers from any part of the world. We have shipped our crypto mining containers to Russia, Paraguay, America, Iran, and Kuwait.

Author: Aleck Zhang has over 10 years’ experience in the Bitcoin Mining Industry. He optimized the mining facilities to improve Asic miner working efficiency. Also, he provides wholesale prices for used and refurbished crypto miners.