Today, there are many things you can purchase with bitcoin including Lamborghini’s, skyrise condos, yachts, vacations, private jets, and yes, even luxury timepieces.

Buying a luxury watch is a great way for a bitcoin holder to liquidate into something that could be worth even more in the future.

Best Selling Luxury Watch Brands

Some people even consider luxury watches to be an investment.

The most famous bitcoin purchase of all time is two pizza’s bought by Laszlo Hanyecz in 2010 for 10,000 bitcoins, which at the time was worth about $30. Fast forward to today and those pizzas are worth approximately $80 million.

Counting down the top 10 luxury watches you can buy with bitcoin.

10. Audemars Piguet, Royal Oak Tourbillon

Audemars Piguet - Royal Oak Tourbillon

Model: Royal Oak Tourbillon

Dial: Purple

Case Size: 41 mm

Case: Stainless Steel

Buy Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tourbillon With Bitcoin

9. Franck Muller, Centurion, Speed Limited Edition

Franck Muller - Centurion Edition

Model: Centurion Edition

Dial: Black, QR Code Deep Cold Storage On Dial

Case Size: 45 mm

Case: Diamond, Gold 18k Everose

Buy Franck Muller Centurion Edition With Bitcoin

8. Rolex, Submariner

Rolex - Submariner

Model: Submariner

Dial: Blue

Case Size: 40 mm

Case: Steel / Yellow gold

Buy Rolex Submariner With Bitcoin

7. Chanel, Code Coco

Chanel - Code Coco

Model: Code Coco

Dial: Black Lacquered, set with Diamond

Case Size: 38.1 x 21.5 mm

Case: Steel

Buy Chanel Code Coco With Bitcoin

6. Hublot, Big Bang 44

Hublot - Big Bang 44

Model: Big Bang Evo Gold Chronograph

Dial: Black

Case Size: 44 mm

Case: Satin-finished 18K Red Gold

Buy Hublot Big Bang 44 With Bitcoin

5. Blancpain – Villeret

Blancpain - Villeret Jour Date


Dial: White

Case Size: 40 mm

Case: Steel

Buy Blancpain Villeret With Bitcoin

4. Breguet, Marine 5839

Breguet - Marine 5839

Model: Marine 5839

Dial: Silvered Gold, set with Diamonds

Case Size: 43 mm

Case: White Gold

Buy Breguet Marine 5839 With Bitcoin

3. Breitling, Galactic

Breitling - Galactic


Dial: Mother-of-Pearl

Case Size: 36 mm

Case: Steel

Buy Breitling Galactic With Bitcoin

2. Cartier, Panthere

Cartier - Panthere


Dial: Silvered

Case Size: Length: 37 mm Width: 27 mm

Case: 18K Pink Gold

Buy Cartier Panthere With Bitcoin

1. Patek Phillipe, Grand Complications

Patek Phillipe - Grand Complications

Model: Grand Complications

Dial: Black Sapphire-Crystal Disks For Sky Background

Case Size: 44 mm

Case: Rose Gold

Buy Patek Phillipe Grand Complications With Bitcoin

There are many more luxury watches available for purchase that are not on this list.

In case you did not yet find the one you like have a look at one of these articles on luxury watches you can buy with bitcoin.

If you have been holding bitcoin, litecoin, or ethereum consider liquidating some to purchase a luxury watch for yourself or for a close friend.