Best Mobile Bitcoin Wallets For 2019

7 Mobile Bitcoin Wallets You Don’t Want to Miss in 2019

The Best Bitcoin Wallets For Online Mobile & Desktop

Are you thinking of spending your cryptocurrency more regularly but cringing at the thought of security issues and access efficiency? In 2018 alone, over $1 billion worth of cryptocurrencies were heisted. While it can be highly desirable to shell out your cryptocurrency at various points of sale, crypto wallets can also open up more points of entry that cybercriminals can explore to gain access to your cryptocurrency accounts. But despite these risks, cryptocurrency wallets are gaining more extensive use as cryptocurrencies continue to increase their acceptance in mainstream economics.

In this review, we investigate the world of cryptocurrency wallets to find out the best offerings it has in store for us. Also, you can read authentic reviews about Best Crypto Wallets on Revain.

Why Cryptocurrency Wallets Will Continue Rising in Popularity?

Cryptocurrency wallets provide you with convenient means to store your private and public keys, allowing you to carry out cryptocurrency exchanges and transactions easily. They come in 4 main forms, giving users a vast array of choices that cater to numerous factors, including security, portability, and ease of access.

The following are the four main forms of cryptocurrency depositories:

Hardware: These are, by far the safest types of wallets. These devices, which look like USB sticks, are not connected to the internet; hence, they eliminate every point of entry which hackers may use to steal your coins. They also come with multi-digit password locks that prevent unauthorized access to the device in case it falls into the wrong hands.

Online: As the name of the category implies, these wallets are hosted on online platforms, giving users the ability to access their keys and carry out transactions anywhere, anytime, from any internet-enabled device.

Mobile: These are apps that allow you to store your cryptocurrency locally on your smartphone, helping you quickly execute day-to-day transactions with your cryptocurrencies with no hassle.

Desktop: These are computer programs that you can install to serve as a safe depository for your cryptocurrencies.

7 Best Cryptocurrency Wallets in 2019

When choosing a wallet, it’s crucial for you to look keenly at the competitive edge that the best cryptocurrency wallets have in the markets. The ones we’ve selected for this review strike an excellent balance between several factors, including security, range of currencies supported, cost, customer support, user interface intuitiveness, etc.

The Best Hardware Wallets

Ledger Nano S: Hardware wallets are the safest bet. And in this category, the Ledger Nano S from the renowned French crypto company Ledger leads the pack. It comes with a highly intuitive user interface and simplified operations. It’s, therefore, ideal for both seasoned holders and beginners. The device features just two buttons that can be used to perform a host of functions, including entering keys, pin codes, recovery words, etc., confirming transactions, checking balances, and lots more. Users only need to activate the “Live Now” function to begin interacting with their cryptocurrencies. What’s more, the device also comes with a customizable 8-digit pin lock.

Trezor Wallet: Launched since 2014 as one of the first-ever bitcoin wallets, Trezor has not only withstood the test of time, but it has also successfully undergone several upgrades. Today, the key-like device provides a portable means for users to carry about various cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin. Users can operate the device through just two buttons as well as through a computer program and a browser extension.

The Best Online Wallets

Coinbase: Coinbase doubles as both a platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies within 32 countries around the world and a web wallet that supports Bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The platform is renowned for its highly intuitive user interface. The platform also offers offline storage dubbed the Coinbase Vault, which also comes with the multi-signature functionality. This provides an excellent alternative for those wary of storing their coins at an exchange.

Blockchain wallet: Founded as, a basic bitcoin block explorer, Blockchain now aims to provide cryptocurrency holders with an excellent tool to store, manage and trade their coins with a new slogan “Be your own bank.” It’s a web-based wallet that allows you to access your coins from any device at any point in time. The platform also comes with a proprietary “Lockbox” feature that will enable users to sync their blockchain account with any hardware wallet of their choice.

It sports a crisp, intuitive interface, and offers hands-on customer support, making it highly ideal for both newcomers and connoisseurs. However, it only supports bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum, and stellar lumens.

The Best Desktop Wallets

Atomic wallet: This is a free, simple, yet highly expedient software for storing and interacting with hundreds of different cryptocurrencies. You can download and use the app on your Mac, Windows, or Linux PCs. The app also facilitates the exchange to save users from risks associated with sending money to exchanges. What’s more, users can have access to an extensive help center with a highly responsive support team.

Exodus: This is another highly-rated currency holder that supports a vast array of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, dash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and nearly three dozen others. It’s also famous for its highly intuitive user interface that gives users cruise control over the crypto assets.

The Best Mobile Wallet

Mycelium: This is one of the first-ever cryptocurrency wallets created way back in 2008. An open-source program, the wallet has versions for both Android and iOS. Besides those attributes, the app has also endeared users because of its top-notch privacy and security features, including the BitID protocol that authenticates users and transactions by generating new addresses for every transaction, as well as hardware wallet integration.


There you have it. The best cryptocurrency wallets out there today. With any of them, you can store and manage your crypto assets without any hassle. Quit running around from pillar to post, trying to protect your crypto assets from thefts. Grab any of these today and enjoy the peace of mind that they have to offer.