What Is Smart Money?

Smart money is the capital that is invested in institutional investors, central banks, market experts, funds, and other financial professionals. This can be money that is invested by professionals who have expertise in stocks and bonds and other investments that can make the investor money. Smart money also refers to the force that influences the markets and is usually led by the actions of the central bank.

Smart money experts use teams to research market trends and analyze the different investments that will more than likely make money. They do not always make money but have a more consistent record of doing so than individual investors do. When “dumb money” investors choose to invest, they usually do it at the wrong times, investing in stocks when they are high and selling them when they are low, for example. They do not understand that doing this will lose them money, not make them money.

Studies have found that the more the smart money investor uses the information that they have access to, the better they can make decisions about the market and help the investor to make the right decisions about investing. This helps the investor to have increasingly more and more money for their retirement portfolios.

You can tell that it is smart money when you see some of the following trends:

  • Higher than usual trade volume that is recognized by the fact that there has been no news in the industry and no public information.
  • The information on stock pricing and index options can be received from the more informed investors that have analyzed the stock pricing and the index options. Thinking ahead about the positions of smart money benefits the retail investors who can use the information to earn more money on their investments.
  • There are certain data sources and methods that are used by data providers to be able to sort group trading into categories of informed traders and non-informed traders. These reports are then used to further categorize trends into commercial and non-commercial activities in trading.

What Is The Smart Money Index?

The smart money index is a way to understand smart money performance in the stock market compared to dumb money, which is money invested by the retail investors. The institutional investors trade throughout the entire day after analyzing the trends of the day, while dumb money is invested usually in the early morning after just listening to the news of the day and making investments based on that.

Traders use the smart money index in two specific ways, confirming trends of assets and looking for variations of the smart money index and the market trends. By watching the asset trends and confirming those trends, investors can make more changes in the short term that will help them to make money. For example, if the asset that is being traded is trending upward, the smart money index can tell them when that is about to change.

Investors also look for variations in the smart money index and market trends which helps by showing when the smart money index is rising, and the asset price is going down indicating that the price of the asset can go higher than it is.

There is more to smart money than is described here and you will need to do some research on your own to discover more about it. You can search at several websites that can give you the information that you seek. You just must find one that you can trust to give you accurate information.

Investing In Gold As An Investment Strategy
Gold is a strong alternative asset in all weather conditions

Investing in Gold

Investing in gold is always a good move because people have been doing that for centuries. The cost of gold almost always increases when there is political turmoil and when the economy is headed for a recession or other economic downturns. This helps you to maintain money in your retirement portfolio when times are tough and when paper stocks and bonds are heading downwards. 

There are many ways to invest in gold today, including gold bars, gold coins, gold rounds, and gold jewelry. These are all good ways to invest, but some are easier to have and store than others. Some are also more difficult to buy and much more expensive, as well.

Gold bars are the most expensive way to buy gold, and one of the most difficult forms to store. Most people like the idea of buying gold bars as an investment because they tend to do well in the market. Gold bars can be bought in grams or ounces, and they must be stamped on the front of the bar with the manufacturer’s name, the size of the bar, and the purity of the bar. Of course, you want the purest form of gold for a better investment. 

You can also buy gold coins when you want to invest in gold. Gold coins come in a variety of forms and values, and you can buy them for their collection value, or their gold content. There are gold coins from around the world and most of them can be very valuable. Some are more collectible than others making them worth more money. Some coins are minted by the country’s official mints, while others are minted from independent mints. 

Gold rounds are another way to invest in gold and are an easy way to invest. Gold rounds can be medals or medallions or they can be simple rounds. Rounds that are more expensive and collectible will contain engravings that make them popular. Some gold rounds are stamped with their country of origin and usually have a country’s symbol on it as well. Gold rounds can be very collectible and are very popular to some collectors. 

Gold jewelry is the easiest form of gold to invest in because it is also usually the least expensive way to invest in gold. You can buy jewelry in many forms and fashions, and you can buy it just about anywhere. The most popular form of jewelry is the gold chain, and you can see many wearing these chains as well as storing them safely away. You can buy gold jewelry just about anywhere that you can buy jewelry, but you can also buy it from pawn shops and gold dealers. 

Gold in any form is a great investment for you as a hedge against the economy and will help you add to your investment portfolio and help you to have a healthier retirement nest egg built up. Gold can help you when times are tough politically and economically. You can store your gold in your home, in banks and credit unions, or in gold depositories around the world.

Investing In Silver As An Investment Strategy
Silver is a popular commodity and precious metal among investors

Investing In Silver

Although silver is much less expensive, it is still a very good investment to make. Silver comes in the same forms as gold but is much cheaper to buy in all its forms. You can buy silver bars, silver coins and rounds, and silver jewelry, just as you can with gold. Just as with gold, some of these forms are easier to buy and store than other forms are. 

You can buy silver bars in a variety of sizes from grams to ounces, but it takes a lot more bars to equal the same amount as gold, so it is much more difficult to store. These bars must also be marked with the manufacturer, the weight of the silver, and the purity of the silver. Silver, like gold, can be used in gold or precious metals IRA and can be a major part of your investment portfolio. 

You can buy silver coins that are stamped for value as well as collectability. Some of these silver coins are still used as currency across the globe. You can buy silver coins from a coin dealer or a silver dealer, or even a pawn shop. These coins are valuable as currency but can be more valuable as a collectible. 

Silver rounds are very similar to silver coins but have no currency value. They can be medals and medallions, or just simple rounds. Most often, they are stamped with their value, their country of origin, and possibly some sort of symbol from their country, very similar to gold. These rounds can be bought at silver dealers, pawn shops, and online.

Investing In Bitcoin As An Investment Strategy
Bitcoin is backed by the blockchain and the trust of its userbase


Bitcoins are the newest type of currency in the world having only been around for less than fifteen years. There is no physical bitcoin, it is traded only in paper records and represented in the Bitcoin Ledger that keeps track of all transactions. You can learn more about a bitcoin ledger here: https://www.quora.com/What-is-a-ledger-in-cryptocurrency.  This ledger is then stored in a blockchain, which is something that not many people understand.

A ledger is a paper where financial information is stored, it was originally all on paper but is now usually kept electronically. A Bitcoin Ledger is one that keeps all the information about bitcoins and how it is being traded. This information is then stored in the blockchain where you can keep track of all bitcoin transactions. The Bitcoin Ledger is not encrypted, and anyone can access the information that is on it. 

A blockchain is a unique kind of database that cannot be hacked into. The blockchain is distributed to thousands of computers that are spread clear across the world. The blockchains across the world all need to be matched up and that is why they are not hackable. 

A bitcoin is not a tangible object, either physically or on the internet. There is nothing that you can touch or look at that shows that this is bitcoin. Instead, it is something that is added to the ledger, and you just must believe that it exists. This is a fairly new form of currency and not everyone understands it just yet. 

A bitcoin network is similar to any other network such as an email network that is a part of the internet and the world wide web, which is a network of websites. The Bitcoin network is made of thousands of computers across the world, and they all communicate through the internet. This network also contains nodes which hold a part of or a total copy of the blockchain. Some of this network is also involved in the mining process of bitcoin where new bitcoin is created. 

As a part of the blockchain, there are addresses that are unique long numbers that are assigned to individuals. Individuals can own addresses that are a tenth of a bitcoin, or a thousandth, or any other values of bitcoin. The individual controls the addresses through cryptography so that only they know what transactions are happening.

A bitcoin transaction happens when someone moves bitcoin from one address to another. The individual can send a message to the blockchain saying something like “move this amount of bitcoin from this address and put it in that address.” If you have bitcoin that you want to convert to money, you will just need to find someone willing to buy your bitcoin and then send a message through the blockchain moving it from one address to another. 

A bitcoin wallet is not really a wallet at all, instead it is a place to store information that allows you to keep track of the blockchain and your transactions in it. These wallets allow you to keep track of your transactions and switch bitcoin between addresses.  You can purchase Bitcoin from several sites that sell it, but you must be careful about what you are doing, you want it to come from a reliable source. One such source that you can get help with bitcoin is Crypto WealthBay and they can help with all your bitcoin needs. They can help you to learn more about bitcoin, as well.


In today’s market, there are so many ways to invest your money that will help you to have an awesome retirement portfolio. You can start with smart money and have someone that specializes in investments help you to find the right investments for you. You can take their advice and invest in stocks and bonds, or you can invest in precious metals such as gold and silver. If you are extremely brave, you can also invest in Bitcoin, as well. This new form of currency and investment will eventually be as common as stock, bonds, and precious metals.