In today’s digital age, social media has become an integral part of our lives, connecting individuals from across the globe. However, what if social media not only offered a platform for interaction but also rewarded users with cryptocurrency? The convergence of social media and cryptocurrencies has given rise to innovative platforms that enable users to earn digital assets while engaging with their communities.

In this article, we explore the top 5 social media sites that go beyond likes and shares, offering a unique opportunity to earn cryptocurrency. From blogging platforms to decentralized networks, discover how you can turn your social media presence into a rewarding experience, where engagement and connectivity lead to tangible digital rewards.

The Best Social Media Sites That Get You Paid In Bitcoin, Ethereum And Other Digital Currencies

Social media has significantly changed the way people function in society. It has transformed the world and enabled everyone to contact each other, share experiences and generally meet each other even if they live far away. A lot of people cannot make it through their day without checking their social media account. But, as all things go, there are many things where social media is considered both beneficial and damaging. For the sake of the article, we are going to concentrate only on the advantageous side in which social media influences people.

Social media initially works as it brings people together and greatly alleviates some social issues that many people have. But what a lot of people don’t know is that some of them have a financial benefit. Of course, through the use of ads, many people can utilize their social media platforms to their advantage to earn money. But with the rise of cryptocurrency and its advancing popularization, many sites are now offering to pay you with cryptocurrency for using and contributing to the site. Here are five major social media sites that can help you earn cryptocurrency.


Steemit is yet another social media platform that rewards your efforts with cryptocurrency. There are a lot of kinks that need to be worked out, but the platform is still in its early development, so we hope it will manage to survive. The Steem Blockchain allows for additional UI to be created, giving users a lot more options.

First of all, Steemit functions on the basis of two native currencies that it offers, Steem Dollars and Steem. The platform has various functionalities that it offers, but the most cost-effective is blogging. People who create their blogs through posts will be rewarded based on the popularity of their posts, but they will still need to be evaluated by curators. Posters and curators are the ones who earn money and are given the currency that the site provides for their good deeds.


Mamby is a relatively new social media platform that essentially aims to battle the creation of fake news. But what it proposes to its users is the added reward of paying them in Bitcoin for providing content for the platform to grow. Mamby allows you to view articles and browse through data that is specifically orientated to your taste. It uses a unique algorithm that caters to the user’s needs, so only after a few minutes of use, it provides you with a specifically orientated feed with topics that are tailored to your interest.

But if you want to contribute to the growth of the platform and adding more information to it, you can do so and get paid in Bitcoin for your efforts. When you upload your text, video, GIF or image, you get likes and comments on it. The more likes you have, the more Bitcoin you will earn. It gives mining for Bitcoin an entirely new dimension.


Sola is a social media platform that works similarly to Mamby, but with a few key differences. Similarly to Mamby, you also have a feed with posts. But unlike in Tinder or Instagram, you do not have followers here. You can choose to prioritize the feed of a person that you like and get its feed and all the content they publish on the top of your feed. Other people can do the same with you. The purpose is to add posts, comments, and referrals which essentially help you earn money.

But the difference in payment here is that you are rewarded for your effort by gaining SOL tokens. SOL tokens area essentially this site’s currency. The more positive feeds and referrals you get the more SOL coins you earn. After earning enough SOL tokens, you merely have to convert them into different cryptocurrencies that you need. This is great as it gives you options and allows you to pick the cryptocurrency that you want to mine.


Indorse is a unique kind of social media platform that can only be compared to LinkedIn. At a glance, Indorse works almost the same as LinkedIn, but there is a significant difference to it. You first have to create your profile and then start adding achievements to it, which include accomplishments, experiences and other forms of claims. In order to prove your achievement, you have to back it up with an added link that goes with it. But that is not enough proof as in turn other users have to back up your claim and Endorse the achievements you have published.

Once the team validates the achievements you have added and deems them as validated, both you and the people who have correctly endorsed you get something called an “Indorse Buck.” The Indorse Buck can then be traded for Indorse Tokens which acts as a form of payment on this site. Indorse tokens can then be used in different ways and pay for advertisements or other services. But what is more important is that you can trade Indorse tokens for cryptocurrency per your choice if you decide to do so.


APPICS is a social media platform that is still in development but comes with a great idea behind it. It generally gives you a way to share pictures and videos that contribute to the ecosystem of the platform for which you get rewarded for. This platform prompts you to create your own content and publish it which will next be evaluated by other users. The popularity of the post depends on the number of votes and likes you get.

But the profits and earnings are not given to the provider of the content alone, and it is shared among more people. The majority, 65% of it, goes to the person who posted it, 25% is given to the curator who approved the assigned material, while 10% of it is reinvested into the platform to sustain it further. APPICS gives you many ways to earn as there are many categories that you can post on and enhance your chances of getting rewards. The idea is great, but we still have to see if it will be able to sustain itself and how long it will function like this.

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