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Last Update February 20th, 2022. Many people enjoy purchasing goods and services online and in-person with bitcoin for many reasons.

You can buy literally anything you want online with bitcoin. Not only is bitcoin valuable, but also it is a secure and instant way to make a purchase.

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Where To Spend Bitcoin

An Official Guide To Spending Bitcoin

People are thinking and writing about bitcoin less frequently as currency these days, and more as a commodity. It’s true that with a value now consistently in the thousands of dollars, bitcoin can be somewhat unwieldy as an everyday currency. Bitcoin’s most interesting potential may now be as a long-term investment. Despite this evolution in thinking, however, bitcoin is still a functional digital currency, and there are opportunities to spend it if you know where to look.

Bitcoin Accepted Here

If you need to pick up bitcoin quickly locate a nearby Bitcoin ATM that will let you withdraw bitcoin in exchange for cash.

How Can I Find Places To Spend Bitcoin?

For simple everyday purchases, and for in-person retail opportunities, you can actually run a search and find out how to buy just about anything you might want or need via bitcoin. This can be a useful tool, or even just a fun exercise if you happen to harbor an interest in bitcoin’s development and usefulness.

Many retailers are adopting bitcoin as a payment method and payment processors like BitPay are making it easier for merchants to accept bitcoin. Most retailers will allow you to pay with a QR code or wallet app.

For the purposes of this article, however, we’ll be looking at specific niches and stores in which you can spend bitcoin to buy goods and services online.

Bitcoin Swag

For starters, have a look at Bitcoin Gear if you are interested in picking up cool Bitcoin-related swag like T-shirts, hoodies, and coffee mugs.

Mainstream Retail

A number of mainstream retailers already accept bitcoin as a payment method. While we are still waiting on the granddaddy of all online retailers, Amazon, to incorporate cryptocurrency, there are plenty of mainstream retail sites that welcome bitcoin as a payment method.




Trump Hotels

There are thousands of hotels around the world that accept bitcoin. These are some of the more popular booking sites that will accept your bitcoin for a night or weekend stay.

Travel Booking

Luxury Vacations

There are many travel agencies that accept bitcoin, which makes it fairly easy to pay for travel via cryptocurrency.

It’s nice to have universal costs associated with travel booking given the otherwise complex issue of exchange rates, and some also simply appreciate having the ability to use a secure digital currency when dealing with what can often be fairly hefty prices involved with travel.

Yacht Charter

Luxury Yacht Charter

You can even buy a yacht with bitcoin if you wanted to. This is popular among the ultra-rich and luxury travelers.

There are many Yacht companies and Yacht charters that will gladly accept your bitcoin as a payment method.

Luxury Cars

You can buy supercars and classic old-timer vehicles with bitcoin and have it shipped directly to you.

There are a number of boutiques that specialize in this service.

La Ferrari


Reindeer Jerky

Many people will be happy to know that they can exchange their hard-earned bitcoins into food using a number of boutique online retailers. Many small businesses around the world are accepting bitcoin as a payment method and are growing by the number. Popular food items include beef jerky, coffee, sauce, wines, and jellies.

Gift & Spending Cards

One of the most interesting options that have emerged as a consistent means of spending bitcoin is buying gift cards and cash cards.

Gift cards are a very convenient way for people with bitcoin holdings to put their cryptocurrency to use. They also eliminate the step of plugging in regular credit card information online, which a lot of bitcoin users are looking to avoid.

buy bitcoin with gift card


Namecheap Domain Names

Domain names can be purchased online using bitcoin as a payment method from a number of websites.

Web Hosting Logo

Web hosting is a popular service for people to purchase using bitcoin as a payment method for anonymity and convenience.

VPN Services

Buying VPN services with bitcoin is popular for many reasons. VPNs help you stay anonymous while browsing online. In addition, they make it easy to access streaming websites and censored content.

Nord VPN

Gold And Silver Bullion

Bitcoin is oftentimes compared to gold in terms of rarity and is a popular payment method for purchasing gold and silver bullion online. The convenience of not having to spend fiat dollars makes exchanging bitcoin to gold a very popular option.

Money Metals Exchange Logo

See our guide to buying gold with bitcoin for more on this subject.

Jewelry And Watches

Patek Philippe Nautilus

Fine jewelry and luxury timepieces are also popular items for people to buy using bitcoin as a payment method.

Not only do they hold their value over a long period of time but also they are fun items to own for any and every occasion.

Online Gaming & Betting

Already, there are several casino gaming platforms across the internet that welcome bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment methods.

In other cases, new online casinos have been built from scratch to support cryptocurrency payments, and in some cases even to introduce new games revolving around bitcoin.

7Bit Casino

The betting side of casino culture is less closely tied to bitcoin for the time being but is certainly a natural next step. And this seems particularly worthwhile to mention giving the massive, impending expansion of online betting as a global business.

Sports betting has been made legal in the U.S., and with states now working to implement it, some analyses suggest the U.S. could have the world’s biggest market by 2023. By that time, should betting platforms and more casinos be accepting bitcoin, this could be the single biggest avenue for spending cryptocurrency.