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We are looking for a select talent of writers who are interested in creating editorials on Bitcoin and related cryptocurrencies. Experience in copywriting, guest posting, infographics, SEO, and/or film production is a plus.

With a readership of over 30,000 monthly visitors, an email list of 10,000 subscribers and a growing follower network on Facebook and Twitter, we are well positioned to leverage your content to a massive audience.

Become A Contributor

Smart Bitcoin Investments would like to develop education that encourages and fulfills the public interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investments worldwide.

If you want to apply to become a regular contributor to Smart Bitcoin Investments you can reach us directly through email. Send your resume to [email protected].

Topics We Accept:

  • Bitcoin
  • Investing
  • Blockchain

Guest Post Requirements:

  • A strong background in the world of Blockchain technology.
  • Guest posts are $150. Article topics MUST be original and approved by us.
  • ALL submissions must be easy to read, grammar proofed and free from plagiarism and copyright infringement.
  • ALL submissions must be at least 2000+ words in length.
  • ALL submissions require a cover image.
  • An author bio may be added (optional).

Note: Send me samples of some of your previous work.

Payments are accepted in cryptocurrency:

Bitcoin: 32aDVzzGffbgsBN8nwv96Dr1pqPhPeeCwb

Ethereum: 0x2d564D7f5D500bbdd3056e6da5A883D56e27a737

Litecoin: MB2Dn7EdFKUDdtyNhFzQVnv1rgfbT6n1F3

Bitcoin Cash: qr7f4gw6k4set3c95tcluwhsmv2lqld9ncjh2ngk92

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An audience of 30,000 monthly readers: All credit of the posts will go to the author, so your content will receive exposure from our readers.

Email newsletter: Your content can have massive exposure on a constantly growing email list full of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Opportunity to interview key players: You could have the chance to meet some awesome people in the industry.

Flexibility: Once you become a member of our writing team, you will have full autonomy on what you want to write for us.

Free access to events around the world: We are proud to partner with a large number of exclusive sponsors in the industry.

Build relationships with our team membersWe are growing rapidly and have ample opportunities for growth.

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