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Do you want to write for Smart Bitcoin Investments?

Great! Smart Bitcoin Investments exists to develop education that encourages and fulfills the public interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investments worldwide. We are looking for a select talent of writers and bloggers who are interested in creating editorials on Bitcoin and related cryptocurrencies. Experience in copywriting, guest posting, web design, SEO, editorials and/or film production is a plus.

Send your resume to [email protected].


Guest Post Requirements:

  • Article topics MUST be original and approved by us.
  • ALL submissions must be at least 1000+ words in length.
  • ALL submissions require a cover image.
  • An author bio may be added (optional).
  • Guest posts are $100 and payable to [email protected] via PayPal.


Payments accepted in cryptocurrency as well:

Bitcoin: 1NstGnnS3JB9RKajqdyprQZ2RbmuN6dyAK

Litecoin: LaWwxwDLd9DdaX4rKrMqboBr8RtfXs7JH3

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