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Here are more resources that may help you out in your quest for learning about the future of money 3.0.

This video explains how bitcoin works and why it is revolutionizing the way we perceive and interact with money.

Getting Started With Bitcoin


If you are searching for more good reads on the topic of bitcoin then check out our list of the top 10 books for bitcoin hodlers.


Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization Charts

Fingrad offers stock market courses for those interested in learning more about the stock market.

Bitcoin For Beginners

Cloud Wallet (Hot Wallet)

Hardware Wallets (Cold Wallet)

Read our full guide to the best bitcoin wallets here.

401k or Individual Retirement Account

Bitcoin News

Buy Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchanges

 Here is a comprehensive list of the best bitcoin exchanges.

Payment Methods



Precious Metals

Bitcoin Forums & Communities



Spend Bitcoin

Bitcoin Faucets

Here is where you can get daily free bitcoins.

ICO Resources

  • Smith & Crown – A curated list of ongoing and upcoming token sales, sometimes referred to as ICOs (initial coin offerings).
  • ICO Countdown – A spotlight on new crypto projects with a focus on crowdfunding.
  • Cyber Fund – Find blockchain projects.
  • TokenLot – A one-stop-shop for purchasing any ICO token.
  • Crypto Canucks – The go-to resource for cryptocurrency related news and insights and analysis. Check out their constantly evolving ICO calendar here.