How You Can Buy Gold With Bitcoin

How To Buy Gold With Bitcoin

The Best Companies For Investing In Precious Metals With Cryptocurrency

When you look at both Bitcoin and Gold as investment vehicles, you will note some striking similarities. Both tools are used as a store of value; they are mined (gold involves real mining, while that of bitcoin is simulated); and both are finite.

The History Of Gold

Gold is one of the oldest precious metals in mankind and has had a long, convoluted history. Since the inception of man, Gold has been largely responsible for creating the concept of money itself. Gold, a material which can be found anywhere in the universe, was first smelted down by Egyptian goldsmiths in 3600 B.C. into artifacts of varying degrees and has since innovated to become coinage and later a safe haven of storage.

Gold Coinage

The first gold coins date back to 700 B.C.  In 564 B.C. King Croesus of Lydia established the world’s first international pure gold and silver coinage system. Within a few years, by 550 B.C. the neighboring Greeks mined gold throughout the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions and also began to produce their own coinage.Augustus Gold Aureus

The Romans wanted to emulate Greek culture as they considered the institution of minted money a significant advantage of their culture. As a result, Roman coinage represented a guaranteed and widely recognized value which permitted an easy exchange system which, in turn, drove both commerce and technology development for all citizens.

These hand-struck old coins included the Gold Aureus, Silver Denarius, Bronze Sestertius, Bronze Dupondius, and Copper As.

Over the centuries, standardized gold and silver coins would eventually become currency and outright replace barter arrangements. This facilitated easier trades during the ensuing classic period.

Modern Era of Gold

By 1422, Venice would mint a record of 1.2 million gold Ducats, which carried a high marketplace value.

In 1717, the United Kingdom established their own Gold Standard which linked shillings to gold; and in 1792, the United States Congress established a bimetallic (gold and silver) standard for the nation’s newly minted currency. The Gold Standard directly linked the value of fiat currency to gold.

United States Post-1971

In recent times, particularly post-1971 when the U.S. was taken off of the Bretton Woods system, Gold has been no longer linked to the dollar so it is an asset that performs well in periods of accelerating inflation.

Historically, Gold has been used as money and has been the most popular asset for a long time until the rise of Fiat currency which is paper money as we know it today. The invention of the Blockchain gave rise to digital currencies that are backed by cryptography and BitcoinLitecoin and other cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming dependable alternative assets that can be used as a store of value or money.

You will be happy to hear that it is possible to include both precious metals and cryptoassets within an investment vehicle such as the Regal IRA. Depending on the corresponding dollar value of Bitcoin at a particular time, you can exchange it to purchase Gold (and vice-versa) and make a timely investment. This is only possible with a select number of companies. If you want to buy gold with bitcoin you have a number of reliable options.

Want to know how? We are going to cover the various companies that give investors access to a real-time Gold-to-Bitcoin and Bitcoin-to-Gold exchange platform.

Bitcoin and Gold

Between Gold, Bitcoin and the U.S. Dollar, only the dollar can be manipulated by a central bank with increases in the supply of fiat currency.

Precious metals such as Gold and cryptoassets like Bitcoin have a limited supply schedule. Gold has long been valued for its scarcity and universal aesthetic appeal, which contribute to it being a relatively safe store of value. Gold is produced from mines all around the world and can be found deep in the oceans as well. The supply of Bitcoin is metered mathematically and set in code at the genesis of the distributed application. The supply of Bitcoin has a maximum of 21 million units by 2140, and it arrives there by halving the rate of supply inflation every four years.

Now that Bitcoin is over 10 years old it provides a strong utility for the world, as well as a store of value and investment.

“With the power of Bitcoin, Gold can become a worldwide spendable asset. Our goal is to provide a transparent, secure and inclusive platform for everybody.” – Joshua Scigala, Founder of Vaultoro

1. Vaultoro

Vaultoro Logo

Company Facts:

CEO:Joshua Scigala
Headquarters:London, England
Founders:Joshua Scigala, Philip Scigala
Customer service:Knowledge Base

Vaultoro is the best platform for purchasing Gold with Bitcoin (and vice-versa) effectively and within seconds. The beauty of the Vaultoro platform is that it gives investors the power to instantly exchange between two of the world’s most popular Alternative Assets, which can protect you against inflation and volatility.

Vaultoro stands head and shoulders above the competition as the World’s First Real-Time Bitcoin To Gold Exchange. The interface is seamless and simple to navigate. If you want to exchange your Bitcoin for real 99.9% pure gold bars or gold bullion, the great thing is you can choose to receive your gold in physical form, and have it delivered directly to your doorstep.

In order to get started on the Vaultoro platform, all one has to do is simply deposit BTC directly into their Vaultoro holdings. Your stored Bitcoin holdings can be exchanged for Gold assets at any time with real-time prices. You can also exchange your Gold assets for Bitcoin at any time you want.

Through their Glass Books Protocol, Vaultoro is the most transparent gold exchange in the industry. Not only are your Gold bullion and Bitcoin assets publicly audited, but also your private keys are held inside of a multi-signature cold storage wallet. These Alternative Assets are secured inside of a duty-free vaulted zone in Zurich, Switzerland, and just like a standard bank account, a monthly statement is issued for your offline records or tax purposes.

Watch this short video for an introduction to the Vaultoro Bitcoin Gold Exchange.

To get started on Vaultoro, here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Visit the official website and sign up with the button at the top right corner of the page. You will be asked to fill in your details, including your email address and password.

Step 2: Once you are done filling in your details, click the confirmation button and register your account. Vaultoro will send an email to your address for verification purposes. Click on the email and proceed with the “Continue” button.

Step 3: Once you hit Continue, you will be redirected to the Vaultoro Exchange dashboard, where you can now verify your account. If you wish to do some trading, though, you can proceed without necessarily confirming your identity, but you will have to deal with limitations to the services you can access.

Step 4: On the dashboard, click Verify Now! And fill in all the details required, i.e., name, address, date of birth, and type of document you intend to use (passport, ID or other). When you finish, click Save.

Vaultoro Step 4 - Dashboard

Step 5: You will need to upload your documents to help process the verification. After clicking “Save” click “Choose File” and select what you want to upload from your computer. When the document uploads, do the same for the next part of “Bill or Bank Statement”. Make sure the document you select is up-to-date.

Vaultoro Step 5 - Upload Documents

Step 6: Now, the verification process is complete, and the ball is on Vaultoro’s court to verify your account. The company will inform you of their decision via email, which may take a few days. In the meantime, you can deposit up to 4 BTC per day and buy gold – but it’s imperative that you wait for the go-ahead after verification.

Step 7: Assuming you have been verified already, click on the Bitcoin Deposit/Withdraw on the dashboard and copy the address generated, which you can now use to send bitcoins from your wallet. The platform shows the status right below the transaction, showing you the number of confirmations in the blockchain so that you can know when it is complete.

Step 8: Your bitcoins have been credited to your account, right? Well, it’s now time to buy the gold! Click “Trade” on the dashboard, enter the number of bitcoins you intend to spend, and hit “Place Order.” When you are done, it’s time to wait for a trader to pick it. And yes, you can cancel your orders anytime in the “Your Orders” page.

Buy Gold With Bitcoin On Vaultoro

Conclusion: Vaultoro is one of our favorite exchanges in existence. Setup takes seconds, and verification is simple. Not only can you trade BTC-Gold pairs in real-time, but also you can withdraw your BTC quickly and get your Gold in bullion form as well. We highly recommend Vaultoro for exchanging gold and bitcoin in real-time.

“Gold is a great way to preserve wealth, but it is hard to move around. You do need some kind of alternative and Bitcoin fits the bill. I’m not surprised to see that happening.” – Jim Rickards, American Lawyer, Economist and Investment Banker


GoldSilver Logo White

Company Facts:

CEO:Mike Maloney
Headquarters:Los Angeles, CA
Founders:Mike Maloney, Christian Garcia
Customer service:+1 (888) 319-8166

GoldSilver is a trusted dealer of precious metals, serving customers around the world for over a decade. When it comes to payment options, it accepts cryptocurrencies, making the process of buying gold bullion with bitcoin simple, not to mention low-cost. You can acquire gold and silver bars, coins, jewelry and more.

Mike Maloney is the creator of the widely acclaimed Hidden Secrets of Money series (view here) which is a long-standing documentary featurette detailing the history of money from its inception as gold to fiat money and all the way to where we are at now which is the introduction of cryptocurrency.

Here’s how you can get started on

Step 1: Visit the GoldSilver official website and click on the register button to create an account. Include your first and last name, country, email address, password, and a working phone number.

Step 2: Once your account is ready, proceed to the “Buy Precious Metals” at the top of the page. The company also offers silver coins and bars, so make sure you select gold as your preferred option.

GoldSilver Step 2 - Buy Precious Metals

Step 3: You will be redirected to a page with lots of options on gold coins and bars, with each indicating the quantity and prices. Depending on the value of your bitcoins, choose the appropriate options and add to cart.

Step 4: It’s not time to make the payments. When you click on the cart, you will see five payment methods: credit or debit card, bank transfer, PayPal, personal check, and bitcoin. Select Bitcoin and continue with the order.

GoldSilver Step 4 - Make Payment Screen

Step 5: You will then proceed to page with an invoice for your purchase, which will also include a bitcoin address. Use this address to send bitcoins from your wallet.

Note: Once the order closes, you will be given only 15 minutes to make payments lest it will cancel automatically. If you make the payments, delivery can take between 1 to 2 business days, so don’t freak out if it goes beyond 24 hours.

GoldSilver can help you store the gold or have it shipped to you for a fee. If you are in the US and make a purchase of more than $499, you will receive your gold free of charge.

Buy Gold With Bitcoin On

Conclusion: is an excellent resource for precious metal investors who want a safe haven to interact with a like-minded community. The Insider Program gives members access to exclusive content from the GoldSilver analysts themselves, including technical analysis briefings and private video updates.

“Money is a collective agreement. If enough people come to the same agreement, what they agree upon becomes secondary, whether it be farm animals, gold, diamonds, paper, or simply a code. History proves all these cases to be true. Who knows what the future is going suggest to us as money, once we see digital currencies as ordinary?” – S.E. Sever, Writer

3. Goldmoney

Goldmoney Logo

Company Facts:

CEO:Roy Sebag
Headquarters:Toronto, Canada
Founders:Roy Sebag, James Turk, Joshua Dale Crumb
Customer service:Knowledge Base

GoldMoney is a robust platform where one has the power to buy precious metals with cryptocurrencies in any form possible.

The Goldmoney Holding is the only platform that gives you the option to move in and out of precious metals, fiat currencies, and cryptocurrencies in a single, unified experience, thus preserving your purchasing power. The Goldmoney Holding offers a secure and flexible method for holding and trading Bitcoin and Ethereum pairs between precious metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium.

The company invented a GoldMoney MasterCard that allows customers to withdraw funds from ATMs that support MasterCard. The GoldMoney PrePaid card works in a similar fashion. You can also send free metal and currency payments to anyone in the world via the platform.

Customers can choose to hold in reserve or exchange up to nine currencies (USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, CHF, JPY, NZD, HKD, AUD) without paying foreign exchange fees. In addition, your holdings can be owned by individuals, joint owners, corporations, and trusts. Client holdings are independently audited and externally tested to ensure your metals are safe.

View the video below to learn more about GoldMoney:

How to get started with buying Gold and other precious metals with Bitcoin on GoldMoney:

Step 1: Start by creating an account with GoldMoney. You will need to select the holding type (Individual, Corporate, or Trust), and fill in your primary information as well as your email address and password. Use code smartgold as your referral code.

Step 2: Once your account is fully set up, you will access the dashboard with navigation on the right highlighting various services, including Send Gold, Request Gold, Deposit, Redeem, Prepaid Cards, and Transactions.

Step 3: Since you will be buying gold with bitcoin, you will need to deposit some BTC first. So, click on the deposit option and select between one-time deposits of recurring deposit. Go with the One Time deposit, assuming it’s your first time to use the platform to purchase gold with cryptocurrency.

GoldMoney Step 3 - Deposit BTC

Step 4: From the displayed deposit options, select cryptocurrencies, and then choose bitcoin as the preferred coin. Copy the provided address and use it to send bitcoins from your wallet. The deposit will credit into your account after one confirmation. The system is that the transaction expires after 15 minutes if you don’t proceed with the payments.

GoldMoney Step 4 - Deposit Cryptocurrency

Step 5: Once you have your bitcoins, the rest of the process is a breeze. You just need to navigate to the option of buying gold, choose bitcoin as the payment option, enter the amount, and proceed to confirm the order.

Buy Gold With Bitcoin On Goldmoney

Conclusion: Goldmoney offers customers the least expensive way to buy, sell, hold, and take delivery of physical precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium in a Goldmoney Holding portfolio. Not only are your assets independently audited, but also they are insured and stored in multiple vaults located around the globe.

“The relative success of the bitcoin proves that money first and foremost depends on trust. Neither gold nor bonds are needed to back up a currency.” – Arnon Grunberg, Writer

4. BitGild - Buy Gold And Silver With Bitcoin

Company Facts:

CEO:Bitgild BV
Founders:Bitgild BV
Customer service:Contact Support

BitGild is a trusted Gold and Silver bullion dealer which accepts Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies as payment. They have an immense international selection of Gold coins and bars which would make a collector whet their appetite. The selection of Silver coins and bars on BitGild has room for improvement, however, however, just like Gold you have a wide international selection to choose from. The great thing is you can also pick and choose between special and rare coins.

The check out process is simple and fast. Cryptocurrency payments can be made in your choice between Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Litecoin, Ripple, Zcash, and NEO.

Here is how you can get started buying and selling Gold and Silver on BitGild right now:

Step 1: Visit the official page and click sign up on the top right corner of the page. You will then be asked to fill in your details, including your email address and password. Click submit.

Step 2: Your account is now registered. From the dashboard screen, you will be able to access your profile information, account security details, billing, newsletter subscription, and more options.

Step 3: Go to the homepage or categories pages and add an item to your cart. Your selection/s will automatically be accounted for within your cart.

Buy Rare Gold Coins Add To Cart

Step 4: Hover over your cart and proceed to checkout.

Step 5: From here you will enter your personal details including billing and shipping. Your delivery & shipping prices will vary depending on your country. Payment options include a bank transfer, paying in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Litecoin, Ripple, Zcash, and NEO or a number of select methods. Make sure to review your order, ensuring that all details are filled in correctly.

Checkout Screen Buy Gold With Cryptocurrency

Step 6: Congratulations! Your order with BitGild has been fulfilled and will be shipped to your doorstep. If you are within the EU processing of your order normally takes 2-4 working days. If you are outside of the EU take a look at the delivery & shipping chart and/or FAQ for details.

Buy Gold And Silver With Bitcoin On BitGild

Conclusion: We are impressed by the wide selection of Gold and Silver coins available on BitGild. There are also a number of rare coins on the site which we would love to get ahold of. Overall, if you have a wide variety of cryptocurrency at your disposal I would definitely check out BitGild for its large selection of Gold and Silver bars and coins.

The desire for gold is the most universal and deeply rooted commercial instinct of the human race. – Gerald M. Loeb

Other Trusted Companies

Vaultoro, GoldSilverGoldMoney, and BitGild aren’t the only platforms that empower you to purchase Gold with Bitcoin – there are a dozen others online. Here are a few more companies you can also consider:

Advantages of Buying Gold with Bitcoin

Whether you choose to go with Vaultoro, GoldSilverGoldMoney, or BitGild there are some key advantages you will enjoy when using these platforms. These include:

  • Low transaction fees – Imagine converting your bitcoins or cryptocurrencies to fiat currency and then using the money to purchase gold. The transaction fees will leave you with only a few bucks, assuming you are not getting much gold. With bitcoin transactions, you will pay less, and in most cases, you will incur a small fee, depending on the company you choose.
  • Convenience – Bitcoin is a digital currency, right? Well, this means one thing – all your transactions will occur online! You just need to register with your preferred platform, and place an order from the comfort of your home or office and the exchange will make it happen!
  • Fast transactions – When you initiate a Bitcoin transaction, there’s no intermediate here, so the company you are buying gold from will receive the funds quicker compared to using Visa or bank transfers. If they verify your transaction, you will be lucky to get your gold in the shortest time possible.

Is Bitcoin Likely to Replace Gold as the Best Long-Term Investment Tool?

Well, this is a contentious issue that many people have debated. Yes, both bitcoin and gold are long-term investment tools, but it’s unlikely that they have the same staying power. You see, with bitcoin, the market is very speculative because of its volatile nature. Gold price moves differently. Yes, the cost of this precious metal often changes from time to time, but it’s less speculative and volatile.

Bitcoin is considered both as a store of value and digital currency. Gold, on the other hand, is a resource of money or an asset. There is a significant difference between them if you project their future value. But here are three reasons why Gold is likely to remain an all-embracing investment:

  • It’s a finite resource – That’s right. Until humans find ways to clone this precious metal, it will be valuable. The supply is decreasing considerably, so the prices will always go up. And while the bitcoin community trusts that only 21 million of the digital currency will exist, it’s not enough proof to believe that advanced technology will not be used to create more in future.
  • It is risk-averse – Forget about the robust tendencies of gold during inflationary periods. Gold has always proven to be risk-averse, especially when compared to the high reward of bitcoin! It has a physical value that has existed since civilization and not a conceptual value as it is the case with bitcoin. If the bitcoin market crashed as some people believe, you’d still have your gold.


Both Bitcoin and Gold are sound investments, especially for the long term. And when you buy gold with bitcoin, you are directly swapping something that intangible for something that is tangible. If you want to broaden your portfolio and include gold in your list, you don’t have to use fiat currency or sell your bitcoins for real cash and then buy gold. It is possible to buy liquid gold as well as real gold bullion. As you can observe from the steps outlined above, you can choose between Vaultoro, GoldSilverGoldMoney, BitGild or any other trusted platform and buy gold with the bitcoins in your wallet. For instant BTC to Gold orders (and gold bullion to your door), our favorite dealer is Vaultoro, while GoldSilver is our favorite for purchasing gold bullion, chains, and coins.